Dr Gaye’s range of products are designed for real people who have busy lives. Each product takes less than 2 minutes to make and fits into everyone’s lifestyle because all we are doing is providing the perfect combination of raw, unadulterated ingredients so that you can make it the way you like it!  

The Super-Shake is a great morning breakfast for a busy day on the way to work or the perfect workout drink at the gym.

The Super-Blend is ideal for an instant nutritional boost as it can be easily stirred into yogurts or smoothies. For those days when you need something warm, comforting and full of vitamins and minerals

The Super-Porridge which is oat and grain free, is as easy as add water and mix! Whether is an afternoon boost you need or just the perfectly created snack which delivers a wholesome punch

The Super-Spoonful is super versatile; eat it straight from the bag or sprinkle onto salads, desserts or drinks. Our Super-Cereal cuts out the grains and adds in the goodness, so that you get a nourishing bowl of good fats and omegas without the glycemic load of carbs and sugars.

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New decade, new name!

All of our great health food products remain the same, but Dr Gaye is now called EDIBLE LOVE. Loving you, loving the planet.

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