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We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’, but given the current over farming, crop spraying, hydroponics and processing of much of what is in the supermarkets today, food isn’t what it used to be! Taking vitamin pills is a recent phenomenon to try to help us meet our nutritional needs. The question we should be asking ourselves about both our food and vitamin pills is: what can we really absorb? How much effort does it take our body to get the goodness and how much do we really need to consume to get the amount we need?

Truth is, we are what we absorb and the best way to get what we need is to eat nutritionally-dense organic food which is unprocessed and in its raw state. Food is optimum when it’s as close to source as possible – that way it’s packed with its natural life force. So keep it simple! The best way for you to really get what you need to be the optimum version of yourself is to eat nutrient-dense, unadulterated food. At Dr Gaye, we provide a variety of options for you to get all of your daily minerals, vitamins, protein, fats and nutrients in an absorbable and easy way.

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New decade, new name!

All of our great health food products remain the same, but Dr Gaye is now called EDIBLE LOVE. Loving you, loving the planet.

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