Edible Love Super-Shake

Q: Is this a meal replacement?

A: We do not advocate meal replacements or diets per se, but we do promote increasing the optimum amount of bio-available nutrition in your diet so that you can optimally re-mineralise your body.

Because the Super-Shake is nutrient dense, we do not recommend that anyone takes it more than once a day. Balance is the key to long term health. Diets which are not sustainable always fail and ultimately create more problems.

Q: When should I take the Super-Shake?

A: The optimum time to take it is in the morning for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s energising- so not to be taken at night.
  2. Most people skip breakfast and this helps to set up the metabolism.
  3. Since you're pre-soaking it the night before, it's ready in the morning and breakfast only takes 1 minute to blend and pour.
  4. Some people may choose to have something else for breakfast after an hour or so, but everyone is different. We find most people are full until around lunch time.
Q: Does Super-Shake contain nuts?

A: The Super-Shake and Super-Shake (instant) are nut free; however, there are seeds and/or almonds in the following products: Super-Porridge, Super-Blend, Super-Cereal and Super-Spoonful

Q: Does Super-Shake contain caffeine?

A: There is cacao in the product because in its raw form, it's an incredible complete food which delivers fats, proteins and every micro-nutrient we can name, along with all the feel goods like tryptophan and theobromine. It is rich in sulphur and is considered the number one source of magnesium. Magnesium balances brain chemistry, builds strong bones and teeth, and is associated with more happiness. It's also the most deficient major mineral: over 80% of Americans are chronically deficient in Magnesium. Sulphur builds strong nails, hair and beautiful shiny skin, detoxifies the liver, and supports healthy pancreas functioning. MAO Inhibitors (diminishes appetite), phenylethylamine PEA (plays a role in increasing focus and alertness), anandamide (the bliss chemical). Although the shake is 100% unprocessed and natural, cacao does have naturally occurring caffeine in it.

Q: Why is my Super-Shake is ‘bitty’ and not creamy like a shake?

A: If you don’t have a good blender or you are not blending for long enough or you’re using a hand blender, you may find that the Super-Shake is like brown water with ‘bits’ in it which doesn't look very appealing. We recommend blending for longer or investing in a high-powered blender which comes with a few years of warranty. We think it's well worth it as you’ll be able to make green smoothies, Edible Love Super-Shakes and lots of other fun, healthy foods.

Q: I know the Super-Shake is good for me, but I don’t like the taste. What can I do?

A: We have found that some people start to like the taste after about one week of getting used to the more real and earthy taste of the unadulterated superfoods. To make it more creamy and sweet without taking away the added benefits, we suggest adding a combination of the following: 
  • Good quality vanilla extract
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Xylitol- a low GI natural sweetener
  • Raw honey

Please visit our Discover Page for recipes, further inspiration and tips!

Q: Should I give Super-Shake to my children?

A: Edible Love Super-Shake is packed with goodness but children are more sensitive and a whole glass of this might make your kids bounce off the walls, which is not always the best thing. We suggest that if you want to try your child on the shake, give them a small shot-glass-sized portion for starters and see how they respond on that for a week and then gradually increase but only to half a glass.

Q: Is Super-Shake safe to take while trying to get pregnant?

A: Edible Love Super-Shake is not only safe when you're trying to conceive but it's essential because of all the multifunctional benefits which will balance your hormones and give you all the minerals and vitamins to 'make' a healthy baby! We advocate taking any of our products during pregnancy and throughout the nursing phase. We've had great feedback from pregnant mums who use our products. As with all nutritional supplements, if you have any concerns please check with you doctor or nutritional expert before taking.

Q: What is the difference between the Super-Shake and Super-Blend in terms of preparation?

A: The Super-Shake requires over-night soaking but the Super-Blend can be used immediately. Our most effective results are with the Super-Shake when used daily; however, to give you a bit of advice in advance, you need to be the sort of person who:
  1. Is happy to remember to soak the Super-Shake each night.
  2. Can persevere with the taste until they perfect it for themselves over the first week. The people who most need it the most often find it unpalatable at the beginning – due to a very sweet tooth- but they find that after one week they start to crave the nutrients in the Super-Shake.
  3. Is taking it as their first meal/drink and can wait at least one hour before consuming hot drinks or other food.
  4. Has a great blender like the Vitamix/NutriBullet or something really high powered. NOT a smoothie maker- this will not work.

The Super-Blend is great for people who find routine difficult and don’t have a blender.

Q: Can I use "milk" to soak my Super-Shake overnight instead of water?

A: Although you can use almond, coconut or other plant-based milk to soak your Super-Shake, we suggest that water is optimum because the Super-Shake is balanced with exactly the right amount of fats. It doesn't benefit you more by adding milk instead of water. Using water is the cheapest and most effective method, but if you prefer to use milk, the Super-Shake will still blend well. The better the blender, the better the Super-Shake!

Q: Which of your products is a healthy alternative to a whey protein shake?

A; We aren't keen on whey protein at Edible Love because not only is it a cheap by-product, but we think that there are many more things we need – living and working in a high pressured world – besides protein! Sometimes adding minerals or vitamins in processed powders makes the body work harder that the benefits are either a placebo effect or they cannot be absorbed properly. This is because they're not food grade or the body becomes stressed.

We have a lot of personal trainers and athletes who buy our product range instead of protein shakes, in particular the Super-Shake which is the real game changer. After drinking the Super-Shake for a couple of weeks, our customers see an improvement in their digestion, increased energy levels and a reduction in body fat. Please take a look at our Discover Page to read our customer testimonials in detail. Edible Love Super-Blend is also a great go-to product for training because it's easy to add to yogurt and can be simple and fast to prepare.

Edible Love Super-Porridge

Q: Do I need to soak the Super-Porridge in hot water/milk overnight?

A: No, there's no need! You can simply pour 200ml of hot water/milk straight onto the Super-Porridge in the morning, but leave it for 2 minutes for the sprouted buckwheat to soak up the liquid and soften. You will notice that the Super-Porridge will continue to thicken whilst you eat it, so if prefer your porridge quite runny, top up with another 10-20ml of milk.

Q: How do you suggest I combine the Super-Porridge into my daily routine?

A: You can enjoy the Super-Porridge anytime of the day. We’ve heard that some people like to eat it in the afternoon when they need an extra energy boost. If you prefer porridge for breakfast, then this would be ideal to ensure you stay full and energised up until lunch.

Q: What’s the difference between your Super-Porridge and a normal oatmeal porridge?

A: Edible Love Super-Porridge is oat-free because we advocate foods which are grain free and gluten free. Our Super-Porridge has a complex range of ingredients which deliver a high dose of protein, good fats and nutrition beyond just a carbohydrate and grain-based cereal.

Q: What does the Super-Porridge taste like?

A: The Super-Porridge is one of the sweetest of our products after the Super-Cereal, and doesn’t usually need anything else added to it. It tastes similar to porridge with a slight crunch from the sprouted buckwheat and sweet, chewy deliciousness from the mulberries.

Edible Love Super-Blend

Q: Do I need to soak the Super-Blend overnight and use a blender before I eat it?

A: No, this is very different to the Super-Shake. You can stir Super-Blend into just about anything straight from the packet. It’s also great to use in cooking because it is a reasonably fine powder so it mixes well with a lot of other ingredients. See our Discover Page for ideas.

Q: Would you suggest I stir the Super-Blend into sweet or savoury foods?

A: It greatly depends on your palette. The Super-Blend is sugar free but does contain banana flour, coconut flour and mesquite, which all taste sweet, nutty and caramel-like. Therefore it may work better in raw desserts and porridge than salads.

Q: What does the Super-Blend taste like?

A: Because the Super-Blend is something you can mix into other foods, it does depend on how you combine it. Essentially, its slightly chocolaty with a hint of almond and a slight crunch from the sprouted buckwheat.

Edible Love Super-Spoonful

Q: Can I add the Super-Spoonful to my baking?

A: We wouldn’t advise that you cook with the Super-Spoonful, but we’re happy for you to inspire us! This is why we suggest a sprinkle or spoonful of it and we recommend using it in raw desserts. For example, you can create a delicious, crunchy base for a raw cheesecake. See our Discover Page for inspiration.

Q: Is the Super-Spoonful nut free?

A: This product is nut free; however, it does contain pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and apricot kernels. Some people allergic to nuts may be allergic to seeds as well.

Q: What does the Super-Spoonful taste like?

A: Raw cacao is obviously chocolaty and slightly bitter; incan berries are very tart; mulberries and coconut chips are sweet; and there is a marzipan-like taste to the apricot kernels. These flavours combined create a tangy, zingy, earthy, chocolaty mouthful.


Edible Love Super-Cereal

Q: Can the Super-Cereal be served as is or does it require any preperation?

A: It tastes great as is but try soaking it in milk (or any non-dairy milk of your choice) for 10 min. This will cause the cereal to thicken, softening the sprouted buckwheat and causing the chia seeds to gel, giving it a more varying and interesting texture.

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