All Natural Smoothies

How do you begin your day? With cereal, porridge or even just come caffeine? The first meal of the day is vital and will certainly have an effect on your entire day. To ensure you have a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack in your day, see our selection of all natural smoothies.

Without a healthy and nourishing breakfast, your body and mind will not perform to the level required; and that can hugely impact not only your energy levels for the day, but your mood. Here at Dr Gaye, we have a wide selection of deliciously natural, pure and unadulterated superfoods. Your health is integral and we want to ensure that you are experiencing the benefits of a balanced diet.

Our food is nutritionally dense, organic and completely sugar free. Some would say that our food is a solution for your vitamin and mineral intake; just in the form of shakes, boosters, porridge and cereal. You can always guarantee that our products are organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, 100% raw and unprocessed, which means our foods are perfect for vegetarians.

If you want the best kick-start to your day, then our Super-Shake is the perfect breakfast shake for you.

With an easy water and blend process, this Super-Shake is packed with delicious minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to give you the perfect start of the day. It's dairy free, sugar free, grain & nut free, and you can guarantee that it will give you a healthy energy boost.

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New decade, new name!

All of our great health food products remain the same, but Dr Gaye is now called EDIBLE LOVE. Loving you, loving the planet.

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