Why RAW?

So what’s the hype around the raw food diet? We know that it’s become more popular in recent years with celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Sting embracing it. People eating raw are raving about it, but do we know the real reasons why it makes you feel good? Whether it’s for health or weight-loss reasons, here are some pointers why eating raw is part of the Dr Gaye ethos:

  1. You’re saving enzymes.
    Yes, the enzymes in your food help your body digest and absorb the vitamins and minerals you consume. The process of cooking kills a lot of the enzymes and so your body uses up its own enzymes to help digest the food.

  2. Save those nutrients, too!
    Cooking also destroys the vitamins and minerals in your food. Most vitamins and some minerals get leached into cooking water. Some foods that are harder to digest, or increase in mineral content when cooked, can be alternatively fermented or blended as they mimic the benefits of cooking. When fermenting food, it essentially pre-digests it, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients. That’s why we love kimchi and sauerkraut!
  1. We’re cavemen living in a futuristic world.
    Which is to say that our body doesn’t recognise most of the food we eat today. Our analytical brain can ‘understand’ what our body doesn’t recognise. Everything is so over-processed, genetically modified or over bred that when we eat something in its raw state our body recognises it as nourishment.

  2. You’ll smell better.
    That’s right. Eating un-adulterated, raw food can help you smell better! Your breath and sweat will be less potent and your partner/friend/self will thank you for that!

  3. You’ll even FEEL better!
    That’s because your body can now focus on other functions. When it no longer has to concentrate on breaking down foods and you’re absorbing optimum amounts of nutrients, you’ll notice an increase in energy and improvement in your mood.

raw fruit and vegetables - raw food diet - Dr Gaye

Now, we’re not telling you to go on a 100% raw diet but eating more raw foods will do all the things we mentioned above and we’re advocates of eating natural, organic and un-processed foods. These are the easiest absorbable foods so you’ll feel great. In the end, it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb.

Don’t have time to eat raw? Love chips? Like a cheeky glass of wine!? That’s why our Super-Shake and Super-Shake (instant) are great options for those with a busy lifestyle. Get all your minerals, proteins and nutrients at the start of your day so that you’ll feel amazing the entire day and night ahead.

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