Tim Stevenson - School of Calisthenics - Testimonial

Tim Stevenson - School of Calisthenics - Testimonials for Dr Gaye - 21-Day Dr Gaye Summer Cleanse and Super-Shake

In terms of how I feel, I have had a really positive experience doing the 21-Day Dr Gaye Summer Cleanse. I’d say after about a week to 10 days I was feeling LEAN! My body comp is pretty good anyway but I’m probably more shredded now than I have ever been. I know you guys mention weight loss but I was surprised. Despite having more on, my energy levels are great and I don’t feel too much of a slump in the afternoon like I have in the past. Thank you – the cleanse has been a kick-start into a better place for me and I’ve been drinking the Super-Shake every day since then!

Tim Stevenson is the Head of Exercise Science + Handstands at the School of Calisthenics. talking about his results from the 21-Day Dr Gaye Summer Cleanse

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