Sugar-Free February

Sugar-Free February - Dr Gaye

Sugar-Free February, gives us all an opportunity to re-evaluate what we are eating, and how hidden sugar creeps into our food when we’re not looking!

Dr Michael Mosely, who you might know from the investigative heath TV programmes, is also on a sugar-free month. He noted that he felt brighter, lighter and his mood had improved. He also mentioned the microbiomes in our gut and how the bad ones crave sugar but eventually die off when we starve them of the stuff. In terms of giving something up, sugar is probably the hardest thing for most people (yes, even more than alcohol!) because it is SO addictive, and also, because it’s in so many of the sweet and savoury foods we buy which are ready made; from soups to dressings and even bread. The first four days are the worst. The craving and the crashing can be hard for some people but make sure you're well prepared with some healthy snacks or a fruity herbal tea.

Maybe you missed the memo for sugar-free February, but really, it’s not too late. There is plenty of time to start and to see great results. The good news is that it’s the shortest month! But this doesn’t mean you have to binge on cake at 12.01am on 1st March! You might feel so great that you don’t want to go back to your old ways. We always say that the lasting wellness changes are small and slow but last a life time. Part of the process is falling down and getting back up again. So what, you messed up, just start again the next day. Hang in there, you’re doing great!

For products which are all sugar free and low GI check out what we’re eating…there might be something in there for you!

Tips for cutting out sugar:

  1. Eat fresh fruit instead of sugary snacks (but no more than 2 a day, keep bananas to a weekly treat and avoid dried fruit). That way you get your sweet fix from natural and nutritious foods!
  2. If you have to sweeten your food or drink, try to use an all natural sweetener, coconut sugar or Xylitol. Both vegan and tooth friendly with a super low GI of 7 (out of 100)!
  3. Make your own food! This is the best way to control exactly what you put into your body. If you're too busy to make a nutritious meal in the morning, check out our quick and healthy breakfast products - they're all sugar free!
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