New website launched!

All the best stuff happens in the kitchen, including starting a new business. When we launched Dr Gaye, we made the first batch in our home. Through trial and error, it was messy and there was cacao and spirulina everywhere! We hand stamped every bag.

Our first batch - Dr Gaye Super-Shake

Our first batch!

The website was also home-grown and home-made. We bought a simple template, borrowed some stock images and hoped for the best. Amazingly, someone found our site, in-the-midst of all the other online noise out there.

After many website incarnations, we have been busy behind the scenes launching our best yet. We wanted to be able to offer free shipping and a currency converter which would be able to directly translate the cost from UK Pounds to US Dollars and European Euros. We wanted a subscription offering to take the hassle away for our loyal customers who input their details every time they buy. In fact we wanted a whole new site which would communicate how we feel about the brand, it’s not a product or a quick fix, but it’s a lifestyle. A simple way to embrace goodness, health and all that nature has to offer, even if we are all too busy to do the right thing all the time.

The most fun thing about creating our new site was when the photographer turned up. He’d been recommended by the web developers. As we saw him arriving, someone said ‘ha! Looks like he’s a tree surgeon. The whole truck is full of trees and logs’… As it turned out, he was a tree surgeon who loved nature and friendship and community and only did photography jobs he believed in. He’d come off all social media in an attempt to be happier. He said it worked! We had great conversations and made lots of mess (always a good sign).


Our tree surgeon photographer left behind a few twigs from his woolly socks, some dog hairs from his husky and a whole load of great images.

We hope you love the site as much as we do. Let us know your thoughts!

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New decade, new name!

All of our great health food products remain the same, but Dr Gaye is now called EDIBLE LOVE. Loving you, loving the planet.

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