My first two weeks with Dr Gaye's Super-Shake

Let me start by saying that I am not vegan. Hell, I'm not even vegetarian. But I'm at week 2 drinking the Dr Gaye Super-Shake and it's been an eye-opening, life-changing experience and I thought that sharing my story with you might help others feel as great as I do now.

I am at that age where I have started to notice some changes in my body. I would consider myself a healthy person - cooking at home, walking everywhere, dancing regularly, and not smoking. But that's apparently not good enough in your 30's. Injuries occur and take longer to heal. Hangovers are brutal and unavoidable. Little sun spots started to appear under the eyes. And I'm exhausted after a regular work day. 

So I started to take vitamin pills... and the results were negligible.

Then, as if the health gods knew, they sent me Dr Gaye. I was just hired by them and my first task was to start drinking the shake.

Nanako with Dr Gaye Super-Shake

I have to admit, this stuff looks gross. It reminds me of those green smoothies with spirulina so I blend it with a banana and it actually tastes good! After just two days I notice I am more alert and awake right after I drink it and this lasts throughout the day. A week goes by and I stopped craving crisps, oily food, meat and instant food. I still drink coffee but only every other day and for its taste and not for the caffeine.

If drinking this for 2 weeks does this to my body, I can’t wait to see the long-term results! I’ll be updating you on a regular basis as we go on this journey together. For those who want to share their story, please write to us at

- Nanako -

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