I just started to drink the Dr Gaye Super-Shake (almost) every morning and it was already doing some amazing stuff in the first two weeks.

It’s been a month since I started to drink the raw, organic shake daily, and guess what? I’ve been feeling pretty amazing! This feeling has now started to feel ‘normal’ as my standards of wellbeing have been upgraded. I now feel sub-par when I skip out on the healthy green beverage and I can no longer tolerate the unhealthy foods I used to eat. For example:

I can no longer eat anything with artificial flavouring or MSG.

I still do sometimes and I feel TERRIBLE afterwards. I used to occasionally indulge in instant noodles – but I now get immediate headaches and cramps. I can really taste the artificiality of the ingredients and they sit on the tip of my palette as if my body knows they shouldn’t be ingested. My body is becoming smarter, and this is good.

It’s also becoming lighter as I’m feeling satisfied on less food.

Less but good food, because my body is getting all the nutrients that it needs so it doesn’t lash out and go to unhealthy snacks to fill the void of missing nourishment. I used to not really know when to stop eating because, you know, I love eating. I still do but my body’s a bit pickier about what it wants, and it’s more willing to wait for the good stuff. 

So I’m cooking even more often than I used to.

Because I can’t eat anything processed anymore! And I’m happy to do so. Being raised by chefs means cooking is no big deal for me. Everything I make takes no longer than 30 minutes and I make my lunches in the morning so my meals are fresh, natural, organic and delicious. I usually drink my morning Super-Shake while I prepare my meals.

Dr Gaye Super-Shake

One month in and the Super-Shake has already become such an integral part of my life. It’s helping me make informed decisions when it comes to grocery shopping and I’m reading ingredients lists, like never before. I’m feeling great, so it’s all worth it! 

Although I usually blend the shake with a banana, I had run out of the fruit on a couple occasions but it still tasted fine! I now enjoy the taste of the bare shake and associate the flavour to ‘healthiness’. I sometimes jazz it up with a bit of fresh ginger and turmeric when I feel a little under the weather for an extra immunity boost!

What do you put in your morning shake? Feel free to share at

– Nanako –

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