Golden Milk – Turmeric Latte – Super-Golden

Turmeric lattes are starting to pop up at cafes, health food stores and some coffee shops – and even here at Dr Gaye with the new Super-Golden. Have you already tried it or are you wondering what the hype is all about? 

Dr Gaye Super-Golden Turmeric Latte Golden Milk

If you don’t already know the health benefits of turmeric, it’s a magical natural medicine and one of many superfoods out there. It’s high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties so it’s great for boosting your immune system and lowering Arthritis pain. It also increases the brain levels of BDNF which can delay or reverse brain diseases. Studies show that it can prevent cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s disease as well as lower the risk of heart disease. It doesn’t stop there; it can also delay aging and fight age-related chronic diseases.  

Turmeric health benefits - Dr Gaye

Most turmeric lattes are based on the ancient Ayurvedic recipe for golden milk which has been used for thousands of years, but like most things over time, it varies widely. It should always include black pepper to help the body’s absorption of turmeric and use a vegan mylk like almond or coconut to reduce the negative responses associated with dairy milk. It’s often sweetened with honey, used for its natural antibiotic properties which will further increase the drink’s benefits as a cold and flu remedy.

Dr Gaye Super-Golden organic ingredients

The Dr Gaye Super-Golden is a blend of turmeric and other essential organic spices: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and chilli powder. We’ve added organic coconut milk powder to the mix to create an instant drink blend so that all you have to add is water and a natural sweetener to taste. This caffeine-free and organic turmeric latte will help with digestion and relaxation while supporting the immune system, making it the ideal beverage for the entire family at any time of day!

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