Give your colon a rest with Veganuary

Many of you may be thinking of going on a health cleanse or weight-loss diet in the new year. Try choosing something which has long-term, positive effects on your wellness rather than a fad quick fix. Why not try going vegan as well? Not only can it help reduce the suffering of animals and save the planet, it can also assist you with your new health goals for the new year!

Veganuary 2017

Being vegan in January is really just an excuse to try something that you’ve never tried before. After all, vegan is the new black!– all celebrities are going towards this trend as veganism is losing its negative preconception. People are recognising the grave impact the meat industry has on the environment and also on their bodies. Meat is hard to digest and most of us don’t really chew our food that well either. We’re not saying you should be vegan, but going vegan for a month may be the perfect opportunity for you to clean out your body, give your colon a rest and start fresh in February by choosing grass-fed, organic meats and eating less of them.

The key to going vegan is to make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need, especially iron and protein that people often lack when first going vegan. Try to include a healthy shake in the morning that has all the bio-available, food-grade nutrients so that your body is absorbing all the nourishment from what you consume in your calories. The Dr Gaye Super-Shake (instant) is entirely plant based, making it suitable for vegans and for those who keep on forgetting to soak the original Super-Shake overnight!

Super-Shake (instant) vegan

Try the entirely plant-based Dr Gaye Super-Shake (instant)

Since its inception in 2014, the UK-based charity, Veganuary, has helped raise awareness for the benefits of going vegan and has seen global success. They’re a great resource for finding out the benefits of going vegan. Learn more about Veganuary at

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Here’s to the healthiest January EVER!

Watch Dr Morgaine Gaye talk about Veganuary in this Friday Feed video.

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